Mediation of lawsuits is required by all state and Federal courts in Florida and is therefore a large part of our practice at Schutt, Schmidt & Noey. In addition, all of the firm’s partners and two of the associates are Certified Circuit Civil Mediators.

Why Use Mediation?

You decide how to best resolve your dispute. Unlike in a courtroom or jury trial, no one judges your problem and tells you what to do. You get to reach an agreement that you can live with.

Thousands of cases have been successfully mediated to all parties’ satisfaction. In court, someone wins, someone loses. The goal of mediation is to have all parties arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Mediation service is far less expensive and less time consuming than other legal avenues.

When parties agree to try mediation, most disputes can be resolved within a matter of weeks! A typical mediation session lasts only three to four hours, but no time limits are imposed.

A large majority of all mediations end in agreement. People are generally more satisfied with mediation than with taking their dispute to court.

If mediation doesn’t result in an agreement, you can still go to court.

You have a say in when and where your case is mediated

Everything said or used for purposes of reaching a settlement remains confidential and cannot be used in later proceedings.

Mediation is not combative or adversarial like court can be; it helps protect and enhance relationships between people by providing a comfortable and safe setting for discussion.

In fact, you can even agree that if a problem occurs again, everyone will go back to mediation.

A successful mediation avoids forcing parties into antagonistic positions, and allows existing relationships to be re-established.

Our Mediators

Dennis R. Schutt

Penny W. Schmidt

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R. Daniel Noey

Pamela St. John Lynde

Debbie Lee-Clark